6 activities your family will love in British Columbia

Imagining a family vacation when the youngsters finally put down their iPhones and explore nature? Better than British Columbia is impossible.

The excitement of vacations in British Columbia will have the entire family letting loose in no time. Mum will be zipping through the cedars on a zipline. Dad will flip his kayak over into a clear lake. And the children? They will be clambering across a rope bridge at a height of 70 meters while gasping as a whale’s fluke disappears into the water.

family will love in British Columbia
family will love in British Columbia

6. Vancouver’s FlyOver Canada

Even while this indoor ride isn’t quite like the Great Outdoors yet, it will undoubtedly put everyone in an adventurous mood. The FlyOver Canada 4D experience offers a thrilling ride across some of Canada’s most breathtaking natural landmarks. Put on your seatbelt and soar over mountain peaks while experiencing Niagara Falls’ spray and the lovely prairie hay’s aroma.

FlyOver Vancouver is the excellent method to prepare for the adventures ahead. Vancouver is the ideal starting point for experiencing British Columbia.

5. Massive cedar trees in Vancouver Island

Huge tracts of unspoiled, temperate rainforest in British Columbia are home to some of the largest trees on earth. The renowned Cathedral Grove of trees can be found in MacMillian Provincial Park on central Vancouver Island. These enormous Douglas fir and cedar trees can reach heights of 800 years and have a diameter of more than 9 meters. Both children and adults will enjoy trying to embrace one of these giants and experiencing how small they seem in comparison.

4. Paddling a kayak in Vaseux Lake

This beautiful tiny lake is located in the Okanagan Valley, an area that is ideal for outdoor activities because it is warm, dry, and sunny. Vaseux Lake, which is beautiful and clean, is perfect for a day of kayaking or SUP (stand up paddle-boarding). Outfitters like Hoodoo Adventures in nearby Penticton rent out kayaks. Bring a picnic, and have lunch on a little island or beach. Kids will enjoy paddling and looking out for wildlife, especially bighorn sheep.

One of Canada’s most well-known wine areas, the Okanagan Valley has the added benefit of being. Mum and Dad will be delighted with a vineyard tour and wine sampling!

3. Capilano Suspension Bridge

The Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, located on Vancouver’s picturesque North Shore, is one of the most well-liked tourist destinations in both the city and British Columbia. There includes a gravity-defying Cliffwalk as well as a suspended tree-top walkway. Interpretive staff from the First Nations community provide insights into the region’s interesting history and culture at the enlightening Story Centre. But the suspension bridge is without a doubt the primary draw.

The bridge spans the canyon for 450 feet and rises 230 feet above the Capilano River. Feel the bridge bounce beneath your feet as you cross it, the roar of the river below testing your resolve. It’s an exciting adventure!

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2. Whistler ZipTrek excursions

What better way to appreciate the breathtaking temperate rainforest that surrounds Whistler than to soar over it at a speed of 100 km/h over 7,000 feet in the air? While their trips are not for the timid, ZipTrek is the innovator of zipline tours in North America, and there is something for all skills (and nerve levels!). The longest zipline in North America is the aforementioned Sasquatch, although there are several more options as well.

Choose the ziplines and canopy walks that are right for you in your package. The best aspect is that every tour includes a curriculum that has won awards for its ecological content and that teaches people of all ages more about the remarkable ecosystem of temperate rainforests.

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1. Victoria whale watching

Over 70 resident orcas live in the straits of Juan de Fuca and Haro, which are off Victoria at the southernmost tip of Vancouver Island. A trip with Orca Spirit for whale viewing is an unforgettable adventure. If you’re lucky, you may also get to view humpback whales and other species in their native habitat in addition to these magnificent animals.

The thrill of riding in a zodiac boat as it speeds across the seas will appeal to older children. Younger children might feel more cozy under a covered vessel’s warmth and protection. You have the option of either, so you can make sure the tour will be enjoyable for the entire family.

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Do you find British Columbia intriguing? BC is the westernmost province in Canada and one among the world’s most desirable locales. The province is bordered to the north by the Rocky Mountains and to the west by the untamed Pacific Ocean. BC is home to many amazing parks, including Yoho National Park in the Rockies, Glacier National Park in the bustling community of Revelstoke, and the breathtaking Garibaldi Provincial Park close to Whistler. It goes without saying that there is a ton of entertainment for families visiting this area.

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