Chilika Lake Tourism And Best Travel Guide

Arranging A Trip To Chilika Lake? Here is a point-by-point Chilika Lake the travel industry and travel manual to assist you with arranging a critical occasion

Spread over an area of 1100 sq. km, Chilika Lake is the biggest salt-water tidal pond in Asia and is found south of the Puri locale in the eastern seaside state of Orissa. With various little islands present nearby the lake that is liable for supporting more than 25000 anglers, alongside a critical flood of transient birds and the occupant natural life populace that calls this district home, this rich and different region was pronounced a Ramsar site under the International Ramsar Convention in 1981.

While the flood of nature darlings and bird-watchers genuinely drives the travel industry in Chilika Lake, guests from varying backgrounds can partake in the magnificent climate of this area and return home with never-ending recollections. Here is a short travel manual to assist you with arranging an excursion to Chilika Lake.

Chilika lake
Chilika lake


Via Air:

The nearest air terminal where vacationers fly in to come to the closest town from Chilika Lake is the Biju Patnaik International Airport in the capital city Bhubaneswar. There is both public and confidential transportation accessible from the air terminal to arrive at any of the sections focuses on Chilika Lake.

By Rail:

The closest intersection that is available to and from Chilika Lake is the Balugaon Railway Station, which is found 53 km away. The station is arranged on the Kolkata-Chennai line of the Southeastern Railways; any train going through this line can be utilized to arrive at Balugaon.

By Road:

Street travel to Chilika Lake is available through National Highway 5 for explorers rolling in from Bhubaneswar and Cuttack. The guests arrive at Balugaon first through transports or confidential cabs and can then take an auto cart or one more taxi to Barkul or Rambha. Satapada is available from Puri by means of transport; from Bhubaneswar, Satapada must be reached through taxis.

Winter (October – February):

The best opportunity to be in Chilika is throughout the colder time of year season. The greatest temperature ranges around 22ᴼC, with the least seldom going beneath 7ᴼC. The transient birds additionally visit during these months and make this area their impermanent home. For bird darlings, there could be no greater opportunity to go on an outing to Chilika Lake.


Summer (March – September):

The late spring season isn’t one of the most outstanding times to visit Chilika Lake, which endures impressively lengthy and can get very hot during the pinnacle months. The most extreme temperature midpoints around 45ᴼC, which chills off to a very much degree when the South West rainstorm shows up in the long stretch of July. The yearly precipitation got in this area is around 135 cm, with cool breezes that blow in from the ocean during the rainstorm season.

Bird Watching:

The relocation of winter birds from various regions of the planet like Siberia, Iran, Iraq, and so forth to this piece of the state is really the primary fascination of Chilika Lake. Bird-watchers and natural life aficionados rush to this district to observe the flourishing populace of many bird assortments and numerous other occupant creature species.


Chilika Lake is open from various adjoining towns like Barkul, Rambha, Satapada, and Balugaon. This multitude of towns has boats accessible available – both private and OTDC – that can be utilized to arrive at the lake and the numerous islands around it. The boats are accessible in the 7-seater or 34-seater type, with guests having the choice to recruit the boat on an individual or sharing premise. On a decent climate day, floating along on these boats is a splendidly invigorating encounter.

Watch the Dolphins:

The area of Chilika Lake is one of the main two areas in the reality where Irrawady Dolphins can be noticed. The town of Satapada is where most visits start; guests can take boats from here to the dolphin spotting areas and appreciate perspectives on the different dolphin species like the Bottle Nosed Dolphin and the White Nosed Dolphin separated from the Irrawady species.

Individuals coming into Chilika Lake are offered the advantage of partaking in the tasty ocean depths caught straight from the lake and served in lodgings and restaurants nearby. Various fish, kind-sized prawns, and flavorful crab are accessible across eateries and shacks along the ocean side where guests can partake in a sample of the nearby food. Do look at Chilika Dhaba, Narayani Restaurant, and Sagar Fast Food for a few astounding treats.

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