Chilika Lake Weather And Best Time To Visit

Arranging A Trip To Chilika Lake? Here is a depiction of Chilika Lake’s climate and the best opportunity to visit here.

One of the most well-known places of interest in the beachfront state of Orissa, Chilika Lake is a salt-water tidal pond arranged at the mouth of the stream Daya that in the end proceeds to meet the Bay of Bengal. Guests from everywhere in the nation rush to the lake to observe the fortune of amphibian and avian life that is important for the biological system around Chilika. Dynamite dawn and nightfall perspectives will likewise end up being one of the features of the district, which are best delighted in on a boat ride across the lake.

The heat and humidity of Chilika imply the district remains moderately warm through the majority of the year. With specific months faring better compared to the others, here is a record of the best opportunity to visit Chilika Lake.

Chilika Lake
Chilika Lake


Winter (October – February)

The best season to visit Chilika Lake is throughout the cold weather months when the most extreme and least temperatures are normal around 22ᴼC and 7ᴼC individually. Arranged near the coast, the climate in this locale never gets excessively cold and stays wonderful during the winters for partaking in the outside. This is likewise the season when the transient birds visit the lake district, which turns into their brief asylum for the following couple of months. For bird-watchers, there could be no more excellent opportunity to go on an outing to Lake.


Summer (March – September)

During summers, the greatest temperature can incidentally ascend to levels of 45ᴼC, with the least temperatures recorded around a normal of 20ᴼC. The Lake locale likewise gets a lot of precipitation during the pre-fall months when the South West Monsoon shows up in the period of July. The yearly downpour midpoints around 135 cm with twists streaming in from the ocean, which extensively decreases the intensity from the late spring months. While it isn’t one of the best times to visit Chilika Lake, individuals searching for a brief break can in any case design an outing to this locale from urban communities close by during this time.

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