Kasol Weather And Best Time To Visit Kasol

Planning A Trip To Kasol? Here’s a snapshot of Kasol weather and the best time to visit Kasol

Kasol is a little slope station situated in the territory of Himachal Pradesh. It encounters a delightful climate all consistently. The best time anyway to investigate Kasol and its entrancing scene is from March to May. It is neither too hot nor excessively cold. In any case, for the people who love to feel the chill and need to encounter the captivating snowfall – October to February may very well be the perfect opportunity to visit.


Summer (March to June)

With temperatures going somewhere in the range of 13°C and 35°C, summer is the best time for touring in Kasol and for disentangling the magnificence of the spot. The days are warm yet wonderful and the unmistakable skies offer a chance for setting up camp outside. It is likewise the best season for adventurers and climbers to set out and investigate the scene by walking. Late spring months, particularly June, are likewise an extraordinary time for celebrations in Kasol. It has various renowned live concerts like Summer Hills Festival, Electric Mahadev Festival and Indrasan Festival. It is a shaking time in Kasol. It is additionally the gathering time for Malana cream and it opens up in Kasol.

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Monsoon (July to September)

While temperatures stay somewhere in the range of 22°C and 32°C, keeping away from Kasol during the monsoon is ideal. Downpours represent a few issues for explorers. There are abrupt torrents joined by weighty precipitation making streets rather elusive and hazardous. There are continuous avalanches and road obstructions that can become unsafe for sightseers. Regardless of the vegetation and newness that downpours carry with them, one is prompted against arranging an outing during these months.

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Winter (October to February)

Winter also isn’t viewed as an optimal time for visiting Kasol. It is very cold and crisp with successive, weighty snowfall. Wearing layers of garments and remaining inside can’t be a lot of tomfooleries and isn’t what get-aways are about. The majority of the streets likewise stay shut down because of snowfall. In winter, travelers will botch the opportunity of being out in nature, partaking in the newness and clear skies.

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