Konark Tourism And Free Travel Guide

Arranging A Trip To Konark? Here is a nitty-gritty travel industry and travel manual to assist you with arranging a noteworthy occasion.

Arranged inside the Puri locale of the eastern province of Orissa, Here is an unassuming community that is visited by hordes of fans and sightseers the same every year. Its primary fascination is a sanctuary devoted to the Sun god Surya, known as the Sun Temple, which likewise turns into the background of the yearly Dance Festival.

While the entire province of Orissa is known for its travel industry, strict importance, and old legacy, Konark includes unmistakably among sightseers in the state who visit to get familiar with the legends and fantasies connected to the popular Sun Temple. Various different attractions inside the lines of this unassuming community make Konark a put deserving of being on each voyager’s schedule. Here is a short travel manual to assist you with arranging your next outing to Konark.

Via Air:

The nearest air terminal from Konark is the Biju Patnaik International Airport situated in Bhubaneshwar, which is arranged 64 km away. Being the main global air terminal in Orissa, it is likewise very much associated with different urban communities in the state through its homegrown terminal with various routinely working homegrown flights. Transports and taxis are effectively accessible external the air terminal to assist you with arriving at Konark straightforwardly from Bhubaneshwar.

By Rail:

The closest railhead from Konark is situated in the urban communities of Puri and Bhubaneshwar, which are 35 km and 61 km away from Konark separately. Both are very much associated with any remaining principal urban communities inside the state and the remainder of the country with various trains that run every day.

By Road:

For those going by street, taking the course through Bhubaneshwar or Puri is the most helpful choice. The Orissa Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC) runs public transport between these urban communities; nonetheless, a confidential transport or taxi might end up being a superior travel elective.

Konark temple
Konark temple


Summer (March – June):

Summers in Konark is outrageous warm and sticky, with the most extreme temperatures in the scope of 40ᴼC-43ᴼC. It may not be the best opportunity to visit Konark, yet for the people who do, it is fitting to keep all outside exercises restricted to nights.

Storm (July – September):

The storm downpours cut down the intense intensity of summers significantly, with the temperature decreasing down to a normal of 25ᴼC-32ᴼC. The most measure of precipitation is gotten in the period of August, with a normal of 152 cm yearly.

Winter (October – February):

Winters are the best opportunity to visit Konark to partake in the neighborhood attractions in an environment that is charmingly cool and dry; with temperatures averaging around 15ᴼC. Winter is additionally when every one of the significant celebrations like the Konark Dance Festival and the Indian Surf Festival happens.

Investigate the Architecture of Sun Temple:

This thirteenth-century sanctuary is the most broadly visited spot in Konark and is liable for drawing most sightseers, including Hindu lovers, to the town. With various legends and fantasies connected to the sanctuary, it additionally draws in antiquarians who visit to investigate the legacy joined to the landmark. Molded as a goliath chariot that houses three gods, the design and the great models in the sanctuary make it quite possibly the most entrancing hallowed place in the state.

Nightfall at the Beaches:

The two most well-known sea shores in Konark are Chandrabhaga Beach and Astaranga Beach. Both are known for being astounding areas for strolls along the shore and dynamite nightfall sees. Ashtanga Beach additionally holds markets selling new fish every morning, while Chandrabhaga Beach is known to have w astounding occasions like International Sand Art Festival and the Indian Surf Festival.


The Konark Urban Haat situated close to the Sun Temple is one of the most mind-blowing spots to shop in the town. It highlights astounding neighborhood craftsmanship things, including model imitations from the sanctuary and carvings and works of art. Other nearby shops likewise sell the popular Pattachitra artworks and things made from appliqué work that the adjoining town of Pipli is notable for.



Orissa is a land loaded with dynamic celebrations, and Konark has its very own decent assortment. The most anticipated occasion in the town is the Konark Dance Festival which denotes the flood of thousands of vacationers and local people the same, who gather in one spot to commend the celebration known for uniting various craftsmen and traditional dance structures on one stage.

The International Sand Art Festival happens on Chandrabhaga Beach where craftsmen from varying backgrounds feature their abilities by making craftsmanship and models out of sand; shows made from stone, bronze, and wood are additionally shown, making this quite possibly of the most captivating celebration in the state. Chandrabhaga Beach is likewise the area for the yearly Maghe Mela, where Hindu aficionados gather on the ocean front to wash in the ocean water before dawn and perform petitions and summons with the ascending of the sun.

What To Eat

Various great spots to eat can be found in Konark, a large portion of which serve nearby delights alongside mainland cooking taking special care of all taste buds. Rice is a staple food in Orissa and is typically a piece of each and every feast time. A portion of the neighborhood dishes worth difficulty in Konark is the Pakhala, Mandia Jau, and an assortment of Pithas. Fish includes unmistakably in plenty of dishes and feasts in Konark and ought not to be missed, particularly the sort that is made Bengali-style.

Probably the best eateries in Konark are Hotel Chandrabhaga, Waterfront Grill Café, and Sun Temple Hotel.

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