Konark Weather And Best Time To Visit

Arranging A Trip To Konark? Here is a preview of Konark’s climate and the best opportunity to visit here.

The Puri region in the waterfront province of Orissa houses an unassuming community by the name of Konark; a strictly significant city for all Hindu enthusiasts that likewise is one of the most famous places of interest in the state. The well-known Sun Temple highlights the fundamental fascination of that drives a larger part of vacationer footfall to the town.

Konark additionally flaunts rich social festivals that are established in its practices and legacy. While voyagers are free to visit during any season and partake in Konark’s climate, a few months normally give preferable open doors over others. Here is a definite record of the best opportunity to visit here.

Konark park
Konark park

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Summer (March – June)

The entire of Orissa encounters summers that are very sweltering, with elevated degrees of moistness. It is typically not an optimal opportunity to visit here, where the greatest temperatures are in the scope of 40ᴼC-43ᴼC during the daytime. The nights are nearly more charming and are the best opportunity to go outside for the individuals who go on an outing to Konark throughout the mid-year season.

Storm (July – September)

The storms bring a lot of help from the boiling summer heat and might be a great opportunity to visit just for the people who wouldn’t fret the blustery season. The temperature decreases down to a normal of 25ᴼC-32ᴼC, with the most elevated measure of precipitation seen in the long stretch of August and a normal of 152 cm downpour yearly. Orissa is inclined to typhoons too during the storms, for certain days that get unreasonably weighty precipitation.


Winter (October – February)

The best chance to visit Konark is throughout the colder time of year season when the temperature decreases down to a cool and charming normal of 15ᴼC. Touring is more pleasant in this environment, which additionally remains overwhelmingly dry with negligible precipitation. The renowned here Dance Festival happens during the long stretch of December, denoting this month to be perhaps of the most exceptionally visited opportunity in the year. Different occasions like the Indian Surf Festival and the International Sand Art Festival additionally happen at some point around winter.

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