Mawsynram Weather And Best Time To Visit Mawsynram

Arranging An Excursion To Mawsynram? Here is a preview of Mawsynram’s climate and the best opportunity to visit Mawsynram

Arranged in the East Khasi Slopes region of the northeastern state of Meghalaya, Mawsynram has been delegated as the wettest put on the planet. A nature sweetheart’s fantasy objective situated in the residence of mists, Mawsynram gets in excess of 10,000 mm of precipitation every year, which outperforms that of Cherrapunji just barely. A consistent cover of fog and haze encompasses this town that is arranged 1400 meters above ocean level, making a supernatural feeling over time. Regardless of when you plan your outing to Mawsynram, it is prudent to remain ready for a wide range of climates, including precipitation showers whenever of the day. Here is a rundown of the various seasons and the best chance to visit Mawsynram.


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Summer (April – June)

Summers are the best opportunity to design your outing to Mawsynram. The weather conditions are dominatingly charming and warm during these months, dissimilar to the outrageous intensity states of summers in northern India. Visiting Mawsynram this season will give you a truly necessary rest from the terribly hot summers. The typical temperature ranges between 14-20⁰C with generally clear skies, which is ideal climatic circumstances to investigate Mawsynram’s main attractions. Climbers get to travel across the charming territory around the town and partake in its magnificence under the warm sun. While this is typically the driest season, infrequent light showers can be anticipated, so conveying umbrellas and fitting rainwear is suggested.

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Storm (July – October)

The typical precipitation saw in Mawsynram is very nearly 10,000 mm a year, effectively making this town the wettest district in the country. While this measure of precipitation might engage most storm darlings, this very wet season isn’t prescribed to travelers. Voyagers who really do choose to overcome the weighty showers however are guaranteed flawless perspectives on green and dynamic scenes changed into a village of sheer magnificence when the downpour immerses its heart. Temperatures are at a wonderful scope of 17-20⁰C, yet mugginess levels are very high and the weather patterns will normally wind up destroying your arrangements for touring and investigation. September and October progress a long time with significantly less precipitation, so in the event that you truly do design an outing at some point around the storm season, these are the months to do such.

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Winter (November – January)

The climate in Mawsynram can get sufficiently cold during the winters. The daytime environment isn’t cold however voyagers ought to expect dim mornings and haze that might endure even into the evenings. Temperatures during the day are normally around 15⁰C yet evening time is the point at which the colder time of year weather conditions really sneaks in, with temperatures floating around the single-digit figures all through the cold weather months. Chances of a downpour are quite often there, so guests ought to go with sufficient rainwear and enough woolens to keep them warm during the evenings. The top cold weather months are November, December and January; the remainder of the time is perfect for getting a charge out of nearby attractions like the Mawsmai Caverns and Mawsmai cascade. In the case of partaking in a chilly, blustery environment while being cuddled up in warm covers is your thing, visiting Mawsynram during the winters may not be an impractical notion.

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