Mistakes When Investing In Used Industrial Machinery

1. Not Assessing Your Business Reality:

Like any other investment, you expect a return on investment when investing in used industrial machinery. The most important thing is to know your objectives when investing in such machinery. Does the equipment help increase your productivity, develop the business in the medium and long term, or take a lead on your competition? You should have an investment plan that addresses your short and long-term needs when investing in used industrial equipment.

2. Not Considering the Operators:

The operator might not be concerned about the cost of the equipment you buy. In fact, they will be more interested in things like the ease of operation, maintenance, and security, which you may not think about much. That is why you need to get feedback from your operators and technicians before investing in used machinery for your company.

3. Not Using Online Marketplaces:

In our previous article “5 tips to sell your used machinery,” we have stressed the need for using the online marketplace  when buying used machinery.  You will easily find the machine that you want to buy and confirm the ones that you don’t want to buy. In fact, it is quite fast and free as at surplus network – with hundreds of sellers and their machinery. You can subscribe to our specialized newsletters so that you stay up-to-date with the latest machinery in the industry.

4. Not Getting Advice from a Specialist:

Once you speak to the operators and technicians in your company, you know that you are not alone in this long buying process. You may already know about the machinery you need but still has some questions. For example, what if the machine is in another country & the seller doesn’t seem to speak your language?

We have passionate multi-lingual agents at Exapro with the right technical skills, full transparency, and responsibility. The language barrier isn’t an issue, and you can look at worldwide sellers when buying the preferred used machinery for your business. A specialist can get you more than you think in finding the right used machine for you.

5. Choosing the Secondary Options of the Machine:

You can easily be intrigued by looking at the numerous options for used machines on the internet. You will see some pieces of equipment that are ideal for your operators but don’t match your business reality. Don’t forget your goal and spend unnecessarily on used equipment. You should be very clear about what the used machine will do for your company as well as the operators.

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6. Forgetting the Training:

Avoid the productivity drop that’s associated with investing in new machinery for your business. Even if you buy the best-used machine in the market, it won’t help your business grow unless you take time to train the employees. If not, they may not run at peak capacity.

7. Not Having an Idea about the Safety Requirements of Your Industry:

Safety is another important factor to consider when investing in used machinery for your business. Each industry has its own safety requirements, and you should have a thorough idea about them before you consider investing in any used industrial machinery for your construction business.

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