Procedures For Your Trip to India After Your E-Tourist Visa Has Been Issued

After you present your application for an e-Tourist Visa it normally requires between 48-72 hours to get a choice. In the event that your e-Tourist Visa is supported, you will get an email containing your e-Tourist Visa. The e-Tourist Visa will contain your name, e-Tourist Visa number, identification number and the dates you are permitted to enter India. After you have accepted your e-Tourist Visa the methods you ought to follow are the accompanying:

1. Print your e-Tourist Visa and keep a duplicate alongside your identification.

2. While checking in for your flight, present the duplicate to the aircraft staff.

3. Upon appearance in India present your identification to the migration official.

4. The migration official will check your identification and e-Tourist Visa and pose you a couple of inquiries about your visit and plans while in India.

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5. Your biometric subtleties will be taken; this incorporates taking your fingerprints and your image. Inability to permit the taking of your biometric subtleties will bring about your programmed removal from India.

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6. After these methods are finished your visa will be stepped and you will be permitted a multi-day passage to the country.

7. If it’s not too much trouble, keep the duplicate of your e-Tourist Visa all through your excursion as you should introduce it upon your takeoff from the country.

8. It is essential to take note of that your e-Tourist Visa is legitimate for 30 days in particular, assuming you surpass this time-frame you will confront weighty fines and the chance of being restricted from future travel to the country.

9. Your e-Tourist Visa is legitimate for a solitary passage in particular. You are not permitted to withdraw India to an adjoining nation and afterward reappear the country with a similar e-Tourist Visa. You should apply for another one.

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10. For the situation that you venture out much of the time to India then you ought to apply for a various passage traveler visa. You are permitted just two e-Tourist Visa applications each year.

11. The reason for your visit for an Indian e-Tourist Visa must be the travel industry, conferences, clinical treatment and visiting companions or family members. Different purposes, for example, concentrating in India, news-casting work or different intentions expects that you to apply for a visa at an Indian Consulate.

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