SWOT Analysis of Tesla: Company Audit

Tesla is the leading electric car manufacturer in the world, which is best known for its high-performance zero-emission vehicles. This American automobile manufacturing company has managed to secure a strong foothold in the electric automotive sector. Even through this industry is in its infancy stage, this company has managed to create a strong impact by introducing innovative products. The goal of Tesla is to accelerate the world’s adoption of sustainable energy and so far, it has done a remarkable job. In this article, we have an in-depth company analysis of Tesla for your paper writing help, using the SWOT framework, which showcases the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats.


Even though relatively newly established automobile company, compared to the well-established ones such as Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, etc., it has still managed to create a strong brand image in the market. Tesla is one of the most popular electric car manufacturing company in the world. The strong brand awareness in the global market, has enabled the company to attract a large number of customers as well as investors and shareholders to the company.

The company has also shown a steady increase in its revenue generation, over the past five years. This highlights the financial growth of the company, which can be beneficial for future product development and market entry.

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The leadership of Elon Musk, also plays a major role in the success of the company. Musk has successfully made Tesla, the largest electric car manufacturers and has also introduced new products to be launched in the near future. The presence of Elon Musk has also helped the company build a strong brand image of reliability and technological achievement.


Even though the company has made an increasing amount of revenue from its sales, it is struggling to make sufficient profits. The lack of profit can prove to be detrimental to the company in the long run and can also make it quite difficult for the company to retain its investors.

As I was writing my paper for me on the industry, I found that Tesla has faced severe backlash from the customers, for its delay in delivering its products. The customers had to wait for very long time before they could actually get the product that they have paid for, years in advance. This show cases the poor service quality and inefficient production and supply chain.

The expansion of Tesla into various international location is restricted by the lack of its super charger network and the high cost of its set up. The customers cannot take their Tesla cars in long trips without the super charger network, which as a result limits the value proposition of the product.


The rapidly growing popularity of electric cars presents significant opportunities for Tesla. According to an expert writing service, people are showing an increasing preference towards the purchase of environmentally sustainable vehicles, which can be good opportunity for Tesla to increase its sales.

Moreover, government bodies are also encouraging customers to adopt electric vehicles by offering tax rebates and discounts. This can speed up the electric vehicle adopting in the market, thereby offering more growth opportunities for Tesla.

Tesla also growth potential in other sustainable energy products, apart from electric cars. The company can pay more attention in strengthening its presence in the solar energy systems for household.


A lot of well-established car companies are trying to enter into the electric automobile sector in order to leverage the fast-paced industry growth. This as a result, exposes Tesla to severe competitive threats. Brands like Porsche, Volvo, BMW are already trying their way to enter into this industry. 

Tesla, being an internationally operating company, can face political and social-economic threats. Any changes in the trade regulations or the bilateral ties can have a significant impact on the business operations of the company. 

Finally, Tesla also faces certain threats from lobbies in the oil industry. As the growing popularity of electric cars can reduce the consumption of oil, therefore the oil companies have been reported to threaten Tesla and disrupt its business growth.       

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