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Surgery is an action-oriented medical discipline. It is a crucial component of any healthcare system. Your good practice can have a positive and significant impact on system performance. Training excellent surgeons requires explicit teaching and learning processes that are predictable in their results. This review presents contemporary trends in the approaches and contents of surgical teaching and learning processes, and their relevance in the training of general practitioners. 

The importance of the Online surgical tech courses tutor and the evaluation of skills throughout the professional life of the surgeon is also discussed. It is concluded that improving educational processes in surgery in our country will probably represent better health for our society.

Surgery is an action-oriented medical specialty. It is a crucial component of any healthcare system. The effectiveness of a health system may be positively and considerably impacted by good surgical practice. It takes explicit and outcome-predictable educational approaches to develop excellent surgeons. Modern surgical education structures and content are discussed, along with how they affect the education of general practitioners. We also talk about the value of lifelong surgical skills assessment and mentoring. It is concluded that better surgical training processes may improve the health of our society.

Introduction: why teach surgery

The word surgery comes from the Greek cheirourgía. Cheiro means hand, urgy, or ergon work. Surgery is manual labor. It involves the mechanical manipulation of the anatomical structures of a human being for medical purposes 

It is the branch of medicine that prevents, cures, or rehabilitates disease in patients by cutting, separating, repairing, or replacing tissues or organs with instruments, usually under anesthesia. It is an eminently practical discipline, focused on action. 

  • As a collection of procedures used to restore or maintain the health of a human being, surgery is a technology 
  • In addition, It is a crucial component of any healthcare system.: it is required to keep a community healthy 
  • Each year, at least 1,620,000 surgeries are performed in the USA.
  • Most have good results. However, even in the best centers in the world, they have a 1% risk of death and an 8% risk of injury
  •  The most effective interventions to practice safe, excellent surgery are based on teaching and learning procedures, attitudes, and values ​​
  • Educational processes in surgery have an impact on public health.
  • The objectives of this review are to present some contemporary trends in the teaching and learning of surgery and to disseminate the importance of improving processes in surgical education throughout the entire career development of a surgeon.
  • His conclusions are general. However, in my opinion, useful for all medical specialties, including surgery.

What to teach in surgery

What does current US society expect from a surgeon?

In 2018, the US Association of Faculties and Schools of Medicine published the conclusions of a robust series of qualitative studies that investigated the needs and expectations of US society regarding the performance of a physician.

Based on this report, the US needs surgeons with four characteristics:

  1. Technically competent. That is to say, they correctly do what a good general surgeon should know how to do.

2. Socially relevant. Professionals whose work contributes to improving the level of health in their community.

3. Committed to quality and teamwork. Competent in progressively improving the results of their surgeries.

4. Professionally upright. They always put the patient’s best interest first and have impeccable ethics.

What is the ideal surgeon for the US in the 21st century?

Different international academic organizations have communicated their professional profile of surgeons capable of performing and responding successfully to the needs and expectations of contemporary society. 

In our country, the US Council of Pediatric Surgery has worked collegiately for more than 3 years in the description of a profile by competencies and performance of the pediatric surgeon. The shape he proposes is organized into 3 performance levels.

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