The firefighters inform: ‘Do not keep the disinfectant gel in your car when it is scorching

According to the fire brigade, it is dangerous to keep the disinfectant gel in the car.

With the coronavirus outbreak, more and more people are taking hand cleaners with them wherever they go. So it’s no surprise that the disinfectant gel can end up in your car and stay there for a while. It is not at all a good idea to leave the gel in the car in hot weather, however, according to firefighters.

Do not keep the disinfectant gel in the car.

We understand that it is helpful to keep the disinfectant gel in the car. For example, you can immediately sanitise your hands in the car if you’ve just gone shopping. However, people don’t realise that leaving hand gel in the car can be dangerous.

Fire hazard

“Disinfectants mainly contain alcohol and are therefore flammable. Storing disinfectant gel in your car in hot weather can spell disaster, ”according to a post several weeks ago on the Western Lakes Fire District Facebook page. Even though the firefighters wanted to do the right thing, readers misunderstood the message. They thought the hand gel could catch fire quickly. Fire-fighters subsequently corrected the statement.

Lots of damage

“Our goal in the WLFD is to provide timely, accurate and educational information while meeting the needs of our clients. It became clear that a recent post on hand sanitiser was misunderstood compared to our original goal. We want to take the opportunity to clear up some misunderstandings and make sure our position is understood, ”the firefighters said on Facebook.

Avoiding the risk of fire

“Our message was intended to focus on the prevention of fire or injuries caused by the use of hand sanitizer,” said the firefighters, adding that the bottles, including take-out bottles, may catch fire if they contain water or other transparent liquids, such as hand cleaners. “Although infrequent, there have been cases in the past. Light reflected off a clear bottle may have focused on a combustible surface and caused a fire. This is usually because of water bottles, but since hand sanitizer is often stored in vehicles, we wanted to pass it on for your safety. The principle is the same and, obviously.

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