Things To Do In Khajjiar

Arranging A Trip To Khajjiar? Here is our rundown of top activities in Khajjiar

Prominently known as the smaller than normal Switzerland of India, Khajjiar is a pleasant slope town in the Chamba region of Himachal Pradesh. The delightful scene, the lavish green glades encompassed by thick deodar woods and snow-covered tops, Khajjiar is a fantasy objective for the vacationers. The spot feels like a work of art made by God in his relaxation and favors its guests with the entirety of that magnificence. There is a lot to enjoy here; such as countless activities in Khajjiar. Peruse on to find.


Khajjiar is a worthwhile journeying objective for excited travelers. There are some mountain trails where you can travel. The encompassing regular magnificence makes traveling here a much sought-after movement. The shimmering streams, the transcending deodar and pine trees, and new mountain air make traveling a reviving encounter. It is prudent to take an aide along to forestall any disasters. It is smarter to try not to travel during monsoon as streets can be dangerous and there might be occurrences of detours.

Khajjiar, India

Wilderness Safari at Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary

Spread across 12.23 sq km, Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary is situated among Khajjiar and Dalhousie. The thick asylum favored with colorful types of greenery makes Kalatop the ideal objective for safaris. You will go over various creatures like a jackal, Himalayan serow, wild felines, deer, langur, Himalayan dark marten, yelping goral and so on. It is the ideal spot for journeying and going for comfortable nature strolls.

Walking Around the Banks of Khajjiar Lake

This is a hypnotizing lake set in a ground encompassed by cedar trees. The nearby ground and the lake look very similar to the valleys of Switzerland. Walking around these banks of the perfectly clear mirror-quiet waters encompassed by rich plant life is a very invigorating and relieving experience. In view of its stunning magnificence, the lake and the encompassing scene have been a sought-after area for the vast majority of Bollywood motion pictures.

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Investigating the Pancha Pandav Tree

Trees with different shoots are extremely normal in Khajjiar. The Pancha Pandav Tree is a comparative one, bearing six shoots. It is prominently accepted that the five shoots of the tree address the five Pandava siblings (Mahabharata), while the 6th one represents their significant other Draupadi. The tree is a significant touring location and combined with its lovely environmental elements, it has become a seriously well-known outing spot among vacationers.

Giving proper respect at Khajji Nag Temple

Found exceptionally near Khajjiar Lake is the Khajji Nag Temple. Begun in the tenth century AD, the sanctuary was finished in the twelfth hundred years. Joining both Hindu and Muslim engineering styles, the sanctuary houses the icons of Lord Shiva and Goddess Hidimba. It is one of the most venerated sanctuaries of Himachal Pradesh.

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Shopping in Khajjiar

Drop into HP State Handicrafts Center and you will be spoiled for decisions. From hand-tailored covers and tapestries to carpets, gems, furniture and metalwares, you have a wide assortment to browse. You can likewise get a few great quality woolens and gifts to bring back home. Another choice spot where you can shop however much you might want is the Tibetan Handicrafts Center. Overflowing with nearby flavors, the middle has a few lovely examples of floor coverings, hangings, cloaks and collectibles. Shopping in Khajjiar can be an important encounter.

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Eating in Khajjiar

There aren’t such a large number of choices with regards to eating in Khajjiar and, surprisingly, less top-notch food choices. What you have are some well-known road slows down and bistros that offer a few delightfully sweltering noodles and soups that can warm the spirits on a chilly stormy evening. The in-house cafés of lodgings offer multi-cooking dishes. A few famous diners in Khajjiar are Prem Restaurant, Alps Restaurant, Royal Treat Restaurant and so forth.

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