Things To Do In Mandi

Planning A Trip To Mandi? Here’s our list of top things to do in Mandi

Known to local people by the name of ‘Choti Kashi’, Mandi is a little town in Himachal Pradesh that will edify your soul. With a few sanctuaries all over the district, this immaculate town is a center for enthusiasts rolling in from various pieces of the country. The spot is likewise visited by quite a few people during Mahashivratri, which is a tremendous festival for the sake of Lord Shiva. However Mandi is little, it has a few exercises that one can enjoy. A portion of what to do in Mandi incorporates exercises like paragliding, waterway boating, setting up camp by lovely lakes, and some more. You can likewise find out about the historical backdrop of the locale by visiting the superb sanctuaries that are laid out all around the town. Peruse our rundown of exercises to enjoy and pick your top choices.



The Prashar Lake in Mandi is one of the famous sights visited by vacationers. One can go traveling to the lake to see this delightful sight. The journey is adept for fledglings as well as experienced adventurers. The trip begins from Baaghi, arranged in the town of Mandi lastly prompts Prashar Lake. The paths of the journey are totally enchanting and are encircled by green woods, and streams passing by and you could in fact see lovely verdure on the way up. When up there, drenched in the beautiful magnificence of the Prashar Lake, with high as can be mountains peering down on you.

Visit Picturesque Lakes

The interesting town of Mandi is known for shining lakes and the wonderful sanctuaries are scratched by their banks. Kamrunag Lake, Pandoh Lake, Prashar Lake and Rewalsar Lake are a portion of the well-known pools of the district. Each lake has a story to tell and local people will let you know the equivalent gladly. The Pandoh Lake is a wonderful one with waterway boating offices for experiencing sweethearts. You can journey to Prashar Lake to fill your eyes with the quietness of the lake and the sanctuary right alongside it. The Rewalsar Lake is the most eminent one of all with a sculpture of Padmasambhava laid out at the banks of the lake.

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Go on a Pilgrimage

With Mandi being encircled by a few sanctuaries, it is privately known as the ‘Varanasi of the Hills’ and consequently, individuals most frequently come here to visit the wonderful sanctuaries. This beautiful town requests the fan in you and is said to have the most extreme strict importance. The vast majority of the sanctuaries like the Shikari Devi Temple, and Bhootnath Temple among numerous others, are devoted to Hindu Gods and Goddesses. The Guru Gobind Singh Gurudwara is laid out for the aficionados of Guru Gobind Singh. One of the most amazing times to visit Mandi is during the Mahashivratri festivities as the town is sparkling with individuals and heaps of lights.

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Appreciate Adventure Sports

Mandi is a decent spot for experience lovers and pulls in a ton of groups from various urban communities because of the accessibility of experienced sports offices. Sightseers can enjoy exercises like mountaineering, rock getting over, traveling, wilderness boating, mountain trekking and furthermore paragliding in certain spots. Go journeying on the grand paths that lead to the Prashar Lake or you might go waterway boating in the difficult situations of the Pandoh Lake rolling in from the Pandoh Dam. One way or another, Mandi has sufficient experience in sports to keep you engaged.

Find out About the History of the Region

Inundate into the way of life of Mandi by acquiring information about this delightful old town. The lakes and towns of the locale tell a story of the spot that quickly returns you to that time. All the more thus, the perspective on the tranquil sanctuaries and the practices in little towns in and around Mandi educate a great deal concerning its set of experiences. Visit the Rewalsar Lake, where a colossal sculpture of the Buddhist priest Padmasambhava is laid out and find out about the message he had taught to spread the lessons of Buddhism; something a neighborhood will flawlessly describe to you.

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Visit interesting Villages

The shocking towns in and around the town of Mandi are most certainly worth visiting. The town of Barot is one of them; with lovely and immaculate scenes, this town is ideal for anybody who needs to stay in the arms of nature. This town is currently notable because of the Barot Dam built in its area, yet it actually has a few locales that are immaculate. This totally flawless town will make you need to drench in its serenity.

Setting up camp

In the event that you like to stargaze under the lovely night sky, the Barot Valley fills in as a decent setup camp spot to enjoy this activity. Go through a night next to the quiet valley, in rich vegetation, right under the stars to take in the excellence of the spot. The long periods of summer falling between April to June are probably awesome to enjoy setting up camp with your loved ones.

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