Things To Do In Oludeniz, Turkey

Oludeniz (Oludeniz) is home to perhaps the most short ocean side in Turkey, in the event that not the world – the well known Blue Tidal pond.

On the off chance that you’re in Turkey, it’s a mistake not to visit here for a couple of days, and it’s likewise an extraordinary spot to devote a whole occasion to! Stuffed throughout the mid year months with guests from everywhere the world.

Ölüdeniz is likewise honored with moderately gentle winter temperatures, so you can undoubtedly visit whatever the month and partake in the relaxed lifestyle and the shocking regular sights surrounding you.

Since Ölüdeniz is one of Turkey’s chief oceanside retreats, you can anticipate that groups between June should September specifically, yet the shoulder a long time of May to early June and September to October are great for snatching a deal break while as yet getting a charge out of high temperatures and copious sun. During the peak of July to August, anticipate that the mercury should raise a ruckus around town 40s with very nearly no opportunity of downpour, and during the shoulder months, you’re actually congested with mid-30s and potentially higher.

In this way, on the off chance that you’re tingling to visit Oludeniz, we should take a gander at how you can arrive, what you can do, and a little history en route.

Oludeniz, Turkey

Instructions to Get To Oludeniz

Fortunately it’s quite simple to get to Ölüdeniz throughout the late spring and not excessively interesting, unavailable by the same token. In the late spring, you can fly straightforwardly to Dalaman Air terminal on the south coast before long, and from that point, it’s simply an extended exchange by means of mentor, or you can employ a vehicle at the air terminal.

Throughout the cold weather months, you might battle to track down non-stop trips to Dalaman, yet you can continuously associate in Istanbul, and that is a fantastic reason for a twin-focus break!

Getting around the area is quite simple basically on the grounds that Oludeniz isn’t excessively huge. It’s associated with Fethiye, the principal resort town nearby, by standard transports, and that in itself is about 10-15 minutes away via vehicle. If you had any desire to spread your wings somewhat further, you could arrive at other retreat towns in Turkey, like Marmaris or Icmeler, in about two hours.

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About Oludeniz

There is a lot of history around Oludeniz, as it is essential for the Lycian locale of Turkey, with history and remains which goes back something like 3000 years. You can likewise join the Lycian Way from neighboring Fethiye, a mobile path that runs the entire way to Antalya and has numerous significant remnants en route.

In Turkish, Ölüdeniz means “dead ocean’ yet that is not exacting – it’s basically in light of the fact that the ocean around here is quiet to such an extent that it’s practically dead! That makes it the ideal spot for a family ocean side break, with safe waters for swimming.

Likewise with most Turkish occasion resorts around here, Oludeniz was once a fishing town that developed itself over time and is currently flourishing the travel industry focus throughout the late spring months.

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The essential issue of Oludeniz, beside the blue of the ocean, is the colossal Babadag Mountain which ascends high up to the sky behind the ocean side. This signifies ‘father mountain,’ and it’s quite possibly the best spot on the planet for paragliding. In general, in any case, the beautiful setting of the whole town makes Ölüdeniz the ideal spot for Insta-commendable snaps to make everybody back home envious!

Top Activities In Oludeniz

There are more activities in Oludeniz throughout the late spring a very long time than there are in the colder time of year, however you can in any case wander around, appreciate oceanside time on bright days, and for the most part take in the relaxed lifestyle when the travelers have vanished until the accompanying summer.

In any case, accepting for a moment that you’re visiting when the temperatures are at their most sizzling, there are endless things you can do, and they’re totally based outside, allowing you the best opportunity at a lucky suntan!


In the event that you’re sufficiently bold, the main thing to do in Ölüdeniz is to take a stab at paragliding. The gigantic mountain setting and the delightful blues of the ocean make it a fabulous spot to try the game out, and this is quite possibly the best spot in Europe for couples paragliding by and large.

There are take-off focuses nearly at the highest point of the mountain, around 2000 meters high, and you will take off tenderly down to the ocean side, arriving on the delicate sand.

Make certain to search for the best arrangement as you’ll find many organizations offering paragliding, and furthermore ensure that protection is incorporated.

Oludeniz Blue Tidal pond

We can’t make reference to Oludeniz and not notice the Blue Tidal pond! This is without a doubt the most popular and most shot ocean side in Turkey, and the blinding blues of the Mediterranean against the white of the sand will blow your mind.

This is a public protection region, so you should pay a limited quantity to get inside, however no boats are permitted, so you can be guaranteed of a relaxed day. The quiet waters are additionally great for families to visit, with safe swimming. There is likewise a lot of greenery around, which gives the air a delightful, fragrant fragrance.


Not at all like numerous regions around the coast, Oludeniz is great for jumping throughout the entire year, and the warm and clear ocean makes it ideal for fledglings and further developed jumpers the same. You’ll likewise find endless jumping schools that proposition preparing on the off chance that you’re a finished beginner.

There are little jumping regions brimming with splendidly hued marine life for novices, yet in the event that you’re more capable, head out somewhat more profoundly and look at the passages, drop-offs, and curves. You’ll likewise discover some archeological jumping destinations around here with runs that date back to 300BC, during the hours of Alexander The Incomparable.

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Partake in a Boat Excursion

There are numerous little inlets and islands around Oludeniz, and the most ideal way to investigate them is by means of boat. You can head off on a business boat trip with a few others to warm up en route, or you can select a confidential excursion with the group to show you the neighborhood. It really depends on you which you pick; notwithstanding, know that party boat trips depart the harbor throughout the late spring season, so assuming you need a peaceful day, staying away from those is ideal!

Most boat excursions will take you to the Blue Cavern, the popular Butterfly Valley, blocked off through some other means, the nearby cascades, and St Nicholas Island, which is affirmed to be where St Nicholas (also known as St Nick) resided. A few excursions will likewise take you to Stride Stepping stool Cove, or Merdivenli, which has an old cavern cut into the precipice’s side.

Pack your full-face swim cover and take it with

Horse Riding

The field around Oludeniz is great for a day’s pony riding, and you’ll find numerous journeys which will take you out into the neighborhood, with an aide and lunch at a nearby Turkish town. This is an incredible method for getting out and seeing somewhat more of the more quiet lifestyle, and you can likewise appreciate horse riding simultaneously, so it’s a shared benefit!

Saklikent Canyon

Close to one hour from Oludeniz, you will track down a characteristic miracle – Saklikent Canyon. Throughout the mid-year months, you can kayak or kayak, walk, and for the most part partake in the space’s staggering view. You’ll likewise find little town cafés which serve scrumptious and true Turkish breakfast.

This is a day-long outing, so start off right on time and capitalize on it. You’ll likewise get to look at the neighboring Patara Ocean side, which is perhaps the most gorgeous secret ocean side in the whole district.

Walk a Tad bit of The Lycian Way

We’ve previously referenced that this piece of the nation was previously known as Lycia and the Lycian Walk runs from Fethiye to Antalya. While the whole walk is a seriously enormous request one occasion at 540km, you can walk a tad bit of it nevertheless partake in the set of experiences and landscape of the encompassing region.

Worth focusing on; pieces of the path are really precarious for fledglings, and you’ll be happy with strolling shoes thanks to a few startling trickles – this isn’t a stroll for back-peddles! The best chance to walk is between February to May or from September to November, because of the cooler temperatures, and you’ll find greater accessibility in the little visitor houses that line the walk.

These are probably the most famous activities in and around Oludeniz, yet investing energy chilling at one of the many oceanside bistros is an extraordinary method for going through the day. During the nights, you won’t battle to track down ample nightlife, particularly throughout the late spring months.

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