Tourist Places To Visit In Dalhousie

Planning A Trip To Dalhousie? Here’s our list of top tourist places to visit in Dalhousie

Arranged in the Chamba locale, on the North-Western edge of Himachal Pradesh, lining Jammu And Kashmir on one side, Dalhousie has an outrageous climate, coming to as high as 39 degrees in Summers and as low as – 1 degree in winters. However, situated in the core of the incomparable Himalayas, this slope station brings a great deal to the table for explorers. From Tibetan sanctuaries to gompas, valleys and passes to lakes. You can visit Chamera Lake and Dainkund Peak, shop at Tibetan Market, partake in some margin time at Panchpula, and journey on the slopes of Jot Pass. For more, here are the vacationer spots to visit in Dalhousie.



Part of the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, Khajjiar is a little slope station in the lower regions of the Dhauladhar Ranges (around 6,500 ft. above ocean level). Other than being an extraordinary retreat for nature and harmony darlings, Khajjiar likewise offers many traveling choices. Or on the other hand, perhaps you’ll basically appreciate sitting by a popping fire by the Khajjiar lake. When in Dalhousie, get some margin to visit here. Regardless of whether you are not into experience, the harmony and quietness of this district are sufficient to make the excursion worth the effort.

Chamera Lake

Made by the Chamera Dam, this lake is the ideal outing spot for vacationers in Dalhousie. Partake in the beautiful excellence of the Chamba area, watch the progression of the stream Ravi and enjoy some astonishing water sports on the lake. Clearly, one of the additional promising spots to visit in Dalhousie, Chamera Lake is your exemplary chilling spot. Explorers and hikers are tracked down in swarms here, as are picture takers.

Dainkund Peak

One more journeying and excursion objective, the Dainkund top is situated at an elevation of 2,755 meters and is the most noteworthy top in Dalhousie, getting adequate snowfall during the winters. Partake in the perspective on the towns and the tall deodar trees that mark the course till here. From the top, you get a display of the incomparable Himalayan valleys, partake in the dim sky, and take in fresh oxygenated air. Winters are only amazing up here, all white and sparkling.

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Ganji Pahari

An undoubted number one for adventurers and nature darlings, Ganji Pahari opens its arms generally during that time for all. Go for this 1-hour stroll from Dalhousie (only 5 kilometers) to arrive at the Ganji Pahari. The name is real sense means ‘bare slope’ as there are no trees on top of Ganji Pahari. A shady winter day is wonderful to stroll up. Convey a sack brimming with excursion food and plunk down to crunch with your loved ones on top.

Rang Mahal

Developed in the eighteenth century during the rule of Raja Umed Singh, the Rang Mahal was intended to act as the confidential offices of the imperial ladies. What’s one of a kind about the design here is the manner in which Mughal and British styles meet up. Go to Suara Mohalla in Dalhousie to find history and some ethnic shopping from the handiwork shops here.

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Kalatop Wildlife Reserve

Only 6 kilometers from Dalhousie, lies 5,000 sections of land of the Kalatop Wildlife Reserve, by the banks of River Ravi (frequently even overwhelmed by it). This safe haven is a hold of the native Himachal greenery. The spot is an ideal rump for bird watchers, travelers and nature sweethearts.

Sach Pass

Getting the amazing look at the Pir Panjal Ranges from Mall street of Dalhousie is simple. Yet, it’s very something else to walk 14,500 ft. above ocean level, in the midst of ice sheet-washed mountain flotsam and jetsam, past snow-clad pinnacles. This is an incredible choice for experiencing sweethearts and wayfarers. Sach Pass certainly is one of the most amazing spots to visit in Dalhousie.

Chamba Town

A 2-hour drive away from Dalhousie, lies the old town of Chamba saturated with workmanship, culture and history. Named after the girl (Champavati) of Raja Sahil Varma who moved his capital here in 920 AD, you’ll be staggered by the abrupt stupas along the edge of the gorges and the exceptional Pahari workmanship custom of the area. Master Shiva is worshiped here and numerous hikers are found meandering around this town.

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Laxmi Narayan Temple

Underlying the tenth Century, this wooden design marvel, committed to Shiva and Vishnu, has truly seen much over the ages; including an attack by Aurungzeb. The sanctuary is based on the Shikhara style of design with pointed rooftops (Shikhara), mandapam and an internal sanctum. Set out here toward an alternate sort of mountain experience.

St. Patrick’s Church

Dalhousie, with its Victorian energies and a provincial headache, is home to some gorgeous chapels. St. Patrick’s Church is a fabulous blend of nature and man’s inventiveness. Found 2 km away from the town of Dalhousie, this congregation is basically as old as 104 years. It is utilized to ask even today, as well as a vacation destination for its unbelievable area in the lap of the Himachal Himalayas. Photographic artists track down this spot, a sought-after sight to catch some postcard-commendable snaps.

Write Pass

Write Pass falls out and about from Chamba to Dalhousie, 32 km from Dalhousie. It is the exemplary Himachal pass, with its climbing courses and tight driving turns. The clasp twists, the green environmental elements, and the precarious mountains — all add to the experience. You can take your vehicle for a twist to this pass, or pursue a trip (which is moderate in nature). What’s more, since Jot Pass isn’t exceptionally well known in the vacationer circuit, you can have confidence you will track down serenity and harmony in crowds. Summers fill the valley beneath in a floor covering of blossoms, subsequently is the best season to visit.

Satdhara Falls

Dalhousie’s Satdhara Falls are roosted 2035 m above ocean level, making them desired among sightseers. The environment is delightful practically throughout the entire year, fog hanging in early morning hours and the sun radiating brilliantly at others. This cascade is accepted to have restorative and recuperating properties as it should be a mix of seven mountain streams. You will track down incredible photo commendable landscapes here as well as cookout focuses. These cascades fall on Panchpula street.


Panchpula is 3 km away from the town of Dalhousie, with a focal stream by the very name that moves through it and conveys water to different areas of Dalhousie. The view around this stream draws in travelers from all over the district. You can convey an outing bin and cover, pick a corner, and simply partake in a few finger food sources and shakes while gobbling up the magnificence around. Nearby, you can likewise visit the samadhi of one extremely incredible progressive of the area — Sardar Ajit Singh.

Bara Pather

Bara pather is home to extraordinary rocks worth touring, as well as Bhawani Mata Temple. This fascination falls en route to Kalatop Sanctuary, so you can without much of a stretch stop for a brief period. What’s more, is, there is a lovely potato ranch here, very nearby, and you can get to partake in some time there. Bara Pather is just 60 m from the Dalhousie Waterworks, so a short vehicle ride is everything necessary to arrive here. The sanctuary is open from 7 AM to 7 PM.

Rock Garden

You probably caught wind of the Rock Garden in Chandigarh, however have you found out about Dalhousie’s own little regular Rock Garden? It is halfway nature’s creation, conceived out of the redirection of uneven streams. So there are water creeks running between rocks, trees and lavish knolls. When burnt out on all the voyaging and touring, you can just come here and grab a seat. Nature photographic artists find this spot extremely engaging, as do nature fans. Furthermore, a reward on top of these is the Maggi shacks where you can purchase bowls of quite hot noodles to go with your great view.

Tibetan Market

As the name recommends, here you get bona fide Tibetan painstaking work, adornments and hand-tailored products. The Tibetan Market is your go-to in Gandhi Chowk to help the Tibetan skilled workers and ladies who are displaced people nearby. You get the absolute most lovely native woolen sweaters, cut extras, floor coverings, jars and considerably more. Do likewise select a few cloaks and Chamba shoes as gifts for your friends and family!

Shopping center Road

Dalhousie’s Mall Road is one more shopping heaven for everything from adorable dolls to wraps (Pashmina as well as a neighborhood), from garments to Pahari extras, silver adornments to road style design stores. Since this street is so renowned, there are various lodgings, bistros, cafés, clubs and bars to add to your shopping and amusement experience. Regardless of whether you are window shopping, you will not have the option to oppose the knickknacks and minimal curious gifts in the trinket shops. With respect to the eating – – don’t miss the little opening in-the-wall cafés where the frontier period actually lingers palpably over steaming cups of lattes and eclairs and puffs and rolls.

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