Visit Ooty and Sundarbans Tiger Reserve in October in India

In India, October is known for the infamous “October Heat,” a meteorological phenomenon that causes many coastal and rural areas to endure unexpectedly intense heat waves in between periods of autumnal cold. There are many fantastic locations to explore and many more things to enjoy in October in India, including Ooty and the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve.

Ooty (Udhagamandalam)

The damp paradise of tea drinkers’ dreams is Ooty. Ooty’s milder temperatures, which provide relief from the October heat in lowlands, make it the perfect October vacation destination. The rains have stopped, leaving behind a thick mist and a lot of lush estates that smell like wet dirt and tea. In Ooty, temperatures between 15 and 20 degrees Celsius are ideal for outdoor activities.

Sundarbans Tiger Reserve India

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Things to Do:

Take a boat trip on Pykara Lake, relax by Upper Bhavani and Emerald Lakes, ride the Nilgiri Toy Train, and visit the Government Botanical Garden to observe how the local flora grows after the monsoon. Maintain a supply of warm clothing, and make sure you have access to cold medication. You should also visit and explore the Toda Hamlet, an area of a small village close to Ooty that is well-known for its Toda Temple. Visit highland areas like the Doddabetta Peak for spectacular views.

How to Reach:

Coimbatore Airport is the closest to Ooty (88 km away). From here, regular flights are operated by Jet, Air India, and Go Air to all major cities and metropolises in India. Road journeys to Ooty can now be started in Bangalore using one of two routes: via Mysore or via Chamarajanagar. Along with rented private cabs, the state-run buses operated by TNSRTC also operate. The closest train station for passengers is Mettupalayam, which is 40 kilometers distant.

Sundarbans Tiger Reserve

The name Sundarbans, which means “beautiful forests,” is accurate. The Sundarbans are a group of mangrove forests that are shared by Bangladesh and India along the Bay of Bengal coast. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, it is. The Sundarbans tourism season begins in September, with October being the ideal month to witness animals including ganges river dolphins, olive ridley turtles, sharks, and rays. The Sundarbans are even more sundar (beautiful) in October, with temperatures ranging from 10 to 30°C and rivers, streams, and lakes overflowing from the recent rains.

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Things to Do:

Discover saltwater crocodiles, sharks, rays, olive ridley turtles, river dolphins, and the Bengal Tigers, which are the most well-known of all the animals. Go to Sajnekhali, the main observation tower created specifically for bird watchers. Sudhanyakhali is a favorite among tiger enthusiasts since it is next to a pond that spotted deer frequent. These ponds are flooded in October, which draws a lot of predators and more prey. You can also tour the 400-year-old temple ruins at Netidhopani. You could also spend the day boating through the Sunderbans.

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How to Reach:

The closest airport to Sunderbans is Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport in Kolkata, which is 120 kilometers distant. Godkhali Port is 29 kilometers from Canning Railway Station, where you can also board a train (the port from where you can take water transport to explore the islands of Sundarbans). Additionally, you can take a taxi from Kolkata to Godkhali (45 km away). Buses from Kolkata leave virtually every hour, with the first one leaving BabuGhat Bus Terminus on Strand Road at 6.30 a.m.

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